Sensitivity, understanding, restraint, and goodwill are the building blocks of Haifa Hevra Kadisha's conduct with the bereaved families and relatives of the decased.

Technological progress, professionalism, accessibility, and development are the key words for those working daily for the dignity of the Jewish deceased.

Haifa Hevra Kadisha works with unlimited dedication to bring the deceased to burial in accordance with Jewish religious law and time-honored customs, while providing appropriate accompaniment for the bereaved families. Hevra Kadisha does everything possible to ease the suffering at these difficult moments.

Hevra Kadisha works tirelessly to develop, advance, make accessible, and renew its cemeteries by resurfacing roads, paving passages, building purification rooms, putting up benches, pruning trees, cleaning and renewal. Hevra Kadish is also building the new cemetery in Tel Regev.

Employees of Hevra Kadisha takes advanced training courses, and can be identified by their special clothing and badges bearing their names. They are the good people along the way who are willing to help and provide a sympathetic ear in the field and in the office.

This website is designed to provide a response at all hours of the day and night. You can find on it all of the information you require about the burial processes, explanations about the types of burial, maps explaining how to reach the cemeteries, and prayer services corresponding to the name of the deceased.

At Hevra Kadisha, we update the information and provide you with the best service and accompaniment, as we have done constantly throughout recent decades.


"And you shall deal with me with lovingkindness and truth" (Genesis 47:29)


"Lovingkindness shown to the dead is true and disinterested lovingkindness, with no hope of any reward" (Rashi)


Haifa Hevra Kadisha provides service to the public free of charge during regular working hours. Its service includes transporting the deceased, storage, purification, shrouds, and a cantor to accompany and direct the funeral.


Address of Hevra Kadisha's Offices and Contact Particulars

Offices: 63 Herzl St. Haifa

Our offices are open from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

Working hours in the cemetery (transportation team, burial team, supervisors, and the cemetery staff) are 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM

Telephone: 04-8688000

Communities for which Haifa Hevra Kadisha is Responsible


Kiryat Shmuel

Kiryat Haim